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Business and Corporate - We offer standalone solutions that can be scaled for the size of your business.

The business world has seen dramatic changes over the last few years with increase in electronic communication, yet organisations of all sizes still receive huge volumes of postal mail. Things are changing again with the iPostamail solutions. The days of manually distributing and manually filing the mail is over and no longer viable. The new digital world makes the task very easy, cost effective and dispersed across many locations, allowing works to receive their postal mail regardless of their location.

iPostalMail provides Online Digital Mailroom solutions that will improve efficiency in the mailroom function through the scanning and distribution of incoming and outgoing mail. More and more organisations are spreading their geographic footprint, resulting in staff that are no longer tied to one desk in one location. Modern business practices such as hot desking, working from home and geographic expansion can all lead to a significant problems with Postal communication reaching its intended recipient.

Our scalable, flexible, cost effective solutions work for all companies whether Worldwide International locations, corporate offices, a mobile workforce, or smaller companies looking for a cost effective solution to the paperless office.